Lybarger Family

The Lybarger Memorial Association (LMA) has documented more than 20,000 Lybargers in the U.S. today descended from one of the three sons of Nikolaus and Maria Catharina Leyenberger, who immigrated to America from the Rhineland in 1739.

In 2000, the LMA published The Lybarger Descendants, an extensive genealogy. A digital version is in the works.

 The LMA holds an annual meeting at the Lybarger church in Old Madley, Pennsylvania.

Lybarger Church on state Highway 96, between Cumberland and Medford, PA

“Since all of us trace back to high and humble beginnings, if the facts were known; and since every living soul has about as many ancestors ten, twenty, thirty generals back as the next fellow, we stand on equal footing…The fact that [an ancestor] accomplished something reflects no credit on us, unless by reason of their good example we go out and do likewise.” 

–Donald F. Lybarger, “History of the Lybarger Family,” 1959

2 comments on “Lybarger Family

  1. I am interested in knowing when the meeting is held and how to get a digital version of the genealogy.

  2. wow how exciting to see all this my name is melissa sharp great grand daughter of george and nadine

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